Ciara & Gareth

We met Ciara & Gareth mid last year and they immediately came across as a very cool, easy going and most importantly a fun couple. They had seen our previous luxury wedding photography work and loved it.C & G got married at the beach at Al Qasr hotel which is a part of the Jumeirah Group’s Madinat Jumeirah and is a premium luxury wedding hotel in Dubai.

Their wedding day started with the groom off with his best men to have a luxury shave at Chaps & Co for some much needed boys time whereas the ladies got ready at Ciara’s apartment in the Palm Jumeirah with the help of some Prosecco Champagne.

The wedding procession moved on to Al Qasr Hotel where the couple had a beach side wedding in Dubai on the lawns with the beautiful sea as their backdrop. Jazz musicians were playing tunes to keep the guests entertained. A short and sweet ceremony that was both emotional and funny kept the guests interested through.

While the guests made their way over to Magnolia which was covered in a string of bulbs providing an ethnic and yet chic and modern venue to get married in Dubai. The best man speech, the dancing and the awesome food by the catering team at Al Qasr ensured that all the guests went back with beautiful wedding memories of Ciara & Gareth.

We had a great time documenting their wedding, and hope that comes across in their picture story below. Shot this wedding with the awesome wedding photographer in Dubai Preet Sagar.

Kamayani & Hitesh

We travelled to Jodhpur for the celebrations of the Lalwani & the Athwani Family's wedding in October.

The three day event was filled with joy, laughter and the famous Rajasthani hospitality. Jodphur is one of the best wedding destinations in India and as premium documentary wedding photographers, both Preet and I had a great time in capturing moments for Hitesh & Kamayani.

And to end if off, the slideshow with some additional images that did not make the blog.

Pascale & Hatim - Address Downtown Dubai

Pascale & Hatim got married at the Address Hotel Downtown with the magnificent views of the Dubai Fountains in their background. The wedding ceremony attended by Pascale's family who flew in specially from Quebec, Canada was a sight to witness with all of them in their traditional Indian attire. We hope you enjoy this wedding as much as we enjoyed covering it. Co shot with Dubai Wedding Photographer & friend Preet Sagar

Hatim Pascale Wedding in Dubai Address Downtown Hotel
Hatim Pascale Wedding in Dubai Address Downtown Hotel
Hatim Pascale Wedding in Dubai Address Downtown Hotel
Hatim Pascale Wedding in Dubai Address Downtown Hotel
Hatim Pascale Wedding in Dubai Address Downtown Hotel
Hatim Pascale Wedding in Dubai Address Downtown Hotel

day in the life of - Makwanas

We spent a day with the Makwana family documenting a day in their life. Right from the moment they wake up, till they retire for the day, their typical day was documented. This is a totally unscripted, as-is account of a typical Friday in the Makwana household.

They laugh, they yawn, they cook, they shop, they have fun and most importantly, they do LOVE .

Ole & Oru

Ole and Oru had been planning their wedding for 5 years and chose Dubai as their destination. Unfortunately, the morning of their wedding, Dubai witnessed one of the biggest sandstorm in recent history and their beautifully planned wedding had to be moved indoors at the last minute. All their plans were cancelled at the literal 11th hour.

Some quick thinking and planning by the fantastic wedding planner ensured that they still had a fantastic ceremony albeit indoors followed by some crazy Naija style fun dancing at the reception.

I had to change my entire plans with the photographs I had planned as well, but managed to still deliver images to the client which they were very happy with. Being a wedding photographer, taking the stress off the couple in any situation is a very handy trick we learn early into our careers and all of that came into practice at this wedding to ensure that clients had memory of their best day in terms of photographs and not the unfortunate natural events that took place.

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