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Saal Digital Photobook Review

One of the things that I have started to include in all my photography as a Dubai Wedding Photographer is a physical photo book of the event / session that we have. I believe that in this digital age, our senses have been overloaded with photographs on screen and we tend to lose the moment they were created for.

When printed, photographs for me tend to come to life. A physical product you can touch, feel and re-live the moments in. Hence, when I got an opportunity by SAAL Digital to try their photobook I was excited.

I was introduced to SAAL Digital at the Photography live exhibition in Dubai where there was a wide selection of SAAL digital products on display. I was impressed by the quality of their products and ever since wanted to order a book with them. I reached out to the company after the event but hit a roadblock as they said they do not cater to a client in Dubai even though I was informed otherwise at the event. Eventually, I had to find a workaround and get the book forwarded to a freight forwarder company who would eventually forward the book to me from London.

The software by SAAL Digital works hand in hand with my choice of album design – Fundy Designer . I placed the order for a 28x19 cm landscape book un padded and glossy pages on 13th September in the afternoon and within less than 24 hours on 14th September, I got the email saying my order had shipped. Talk about quick service! The order reached my UK address within the next one day and was forwarded promptly to me and I had the book in my hand on 19th September. All in all, 6 days from placing the order to having it in my hands here in Dubai. Impressive.

The book itself is quite nice, and the glossy paper stands out. What I like is that this book is perfectly sized in terms of weight, dimensions and feeling. I think it is going to fit well in my non wedding products to offer the customers. The images are printed vibrantly and I love the feeling of the photobook, only enhanced by the high quality printing by Saal Digital UK. The binding is absolute lay flat and the panorama images look brilliant without a center crease.

While I am impressed with the product overall, I have a few gripes too. One, my order was shipped from Germany to London. Why can you not ship directly to Dubai? This would make your product even more impressive than it already is as it can reach a market which is longing for a good economical photobook provider. Second, why are your gift boxes 20 pounds? The price of the photobook compared to the price of the box does not make sense and almost ensures that I do not order it.

Overall, I am very impressed with the quality of the photobook and will definitely be ordering from them in the future. If you are interested, you can find out about SAAL Digital @SaalDigitaluk on Facebook or @saaldigital_uk on Instagram.

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