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Milky Way Photography

While all of the UAE was travelling to Abu Dhabi this weekend for the Formula 1 race at Yas Island, a bunch of photographers and I traveled in the opposite direction to Ras Al Khaimah. It was a new moon night and we wanted to reach a vantage point away from all the light pollution that the cities of UAE bring with them.

We drove up to Jebel Jais to shoot some stars and if possible the Milky Way. Those who know my photography would know that I am a wedding photographer in Dubai and not a big landscape photographer. This was my first time shooting astro photography apart from the one off big moon or the eclipse that I have tried to shoot. With the guidance of a good friend and photographer Jason, and some articles on the internet, we set out to capture the night skies.

The Milky Way from Jebel Jais - 24mm f2.8 20 sec at ISO 6400
The Milky Way from Jebel Jais - 24mm f2.8 20 sec at ISO 6400

Once I got a couple of Milky way captures, I saw the fog settling in below us. I changed the position and wanted to capture the landscape of the magnificent mountain setup with the clouds below us and the starry night sky above us.

Above the clouds from Jebel Jais - 25mm f2.8 20 sec at ISO 1250
The night sky from Jebel Jais - 24mm f2.8 20 sec at ISO 6400
This was my first time shooting the night sky and it amazes me how much detail there is in the sky that is obscured by the lights of the city. It was a new learning experience which I hope to grow on and shoot some more.